Sky Pig is inventive, playful and visually mesmerizing.


Sky Pig by Jan L. Coates, illustrated by Suzanne Del Rizzo
Genre: Picture Books
Pages: 32
Publisher: Pajama Press
Publication Date: September 15, 2016
Review Source: Pajama Press Review Copy

I thought Sky Pig was an exceptional picture book. It shattered my expectations, it mesmerized me with it’s artwork, and the relationship between Ollie and Jack reminded me of that between Pooh and Christopher Robin.

Ollie the Pig wants to fly. Like any pet owner, Jack understands Ollie even without a shared language between them. Jack helps Ollie to create wings from branches, and just when Ollie thinks he’s flying he comes crashing down to the ground. Together they invent several flying devices, and every time they try something new they learn from their past mistakes and employ more modern technology into their attempts. Will one of those attempts help Ollie achieve his dream of flying?

Coates’ writing is clear and fun. Whether or not she intended to draw inspiration from Winnie the Pooh, she has managed to create a story about a boy and his best, non-human friend that is original and current.

The artwork by Suzanne Del Rizzo is absolutely brilliant. This book is colourful, fun, detailed, and textured. Sky Pig can be read over and over again, and each time a new detail will catch your eye as you flip through, keeping the experience fresh and exciting.

This picture book is suitable for many children. Toddlers will love the expressive faces of the clay characters, the bright colours, and the sillyness of the messes Ollie gets into. And children old enough to know the expression “when pigs fly” will also enjoy this book because the plot brings the expression to life and they may be familiar with some of the technology that Jack and Ollie use to try flying. I highly recommend it. 4 stars.


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