I am a recent graduate from Centennial College’s Publishing program in Toronto, Ontario. I try to write a review for every book I read knowing that it helps support an industry that I love so much. I cross-post my reviews on Goodreads and will be cross-posting my reviews to the Chapters Indigo website, too. My reading preferences are diverse, but namely literary fiction, popular fiction, comics, YA fiction, and children’s literature are my favourites. Reviews of all of these genres, and possibly more, can be found on this blog.


Besides books and literature, I love cats and have three of my own. I drink obscene amounts of coffee (sorry, heart) and am irreversibly addicted to chocolate. I love to bake breads and dessert. I am also an athlete and a sports fan. I like to try new things and travel.

Most of the books I review are ones I have bought or loaned, but I receive the occasional ARC as well. My reviews are all my honest opinions, but I won’t review a book if I have absolutely nothing nice to say (which doesn’t happen very often tbh). I am open to reviewing hardcopy ARCs or books, but I will not review manuscripts or eARCs or ebooks as I do not have an ereader. Please contact me through the contact form below if you would like to request that I review a book for you.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope my reviews help connect others to stories they fall in love with.


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